Yenerler Yapı

Yenerler Building Materials and Iron and Steel Products Trade. Ltd. Ltd. Sti. was established in 1990 to purchase and sell wholesale building materials and raw materials. It has expanded its product portfolio over time by providing uninterrupted service since its establishment. For this reason, in 2003, the company headquarters in Acıbadem was moved to its new location on 7000 m2, facing the Samandıra TEM highway. Yenerler Yapı wholesales wire rod (coil) iron, which is mainly used in wire, nail, screw, bolt and steel mesh production, as well as construction iron, construction nails, annealed wire, construction wire and steel mesh. In addition, Yücel Boru and Kroman Çelik San. It has dealerships and industrial pipes, all profile group types, NPI – NPU irons, angle iron, flat bar, wipe iron, electrode, trapezoidal sheets, galvanized sheet, galvanized embossed sheet, galvanized ridge, flat and corrugated trapezoidal, galvanized roll, galvanized flat sheet, wholesale and retail sale of products such as galvanized corrugated sheet, galvanized roller shutter sheet.

Yenerler A.Ş.

Yenerler Metal and Enamel San. A.Ş. was established in our Samandıra center in 2009 to manufacture wire and rod. Bright, super bright and black wire drawing in all diameters from 1mm to 23mm, annealed, intermediate annealed, phosphated direct wire from 20 MNB4, QST36-3, 1006C and 1006 quality wire rods from 1mm to 23mm for bolt and nut makers All diameters from 1mm to 32mm are cut and transmission rods are manufactured.