Coil Iron (Wire Rod) Production

It is a semi-finished metal bar reinforcement in the form of coils, which is made by hot rolling and is generally used for cold drawing in round or semi-round, square, rectangular and hexagonal sections. Also known as coiled iron (wire rod). Kullanım Alanları Flat Wire Rod: Diameters between 5.50 MM – 20MM Ribbed Wire Rod […]

Factors Affecting Rebar Prices

Construction Iron is a specially shaped steel that is put into concrete in order to meet the shear and tensile stresses in reinforced concrete structures. Usage areas; Flat Rebar:  (varieties between 1.00mm-32.00mm are available) Ribbed Rebar: (6.00mm-32.00mm variants are available)

Steel Damage Benefits

You can examine our Wire Mesh products, which are divided into two as Q Type and R Type. Q TYPE It is used in floors running in both directions and reinforced concrete building elements. Length and width bar spacing is 150 mm. It has 15 lengths and 33 width bars. WIRE TYPE cm²Size mwidth Kg/m² […]